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Monument of Faith Church of God In Christ
(Brief History)
Elder James L. Ford, Pastor & Founder
In the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and ninety five, after prayerfully consulting the Lord in  
which direction his ministry should continue. God spoke to Pastor Ford in the words of “Remember
Abraham”, and gave Pastor Ford instructions to step out by faith and establish a church ministry.
He told Pastor Ford to walk faithfully with Him and He would bless more than he could imagine.
The Lord also instructed Pastor Ford that the church should be supported with tithes and offerings.

On Saturday June 24, 1995, on the stairway of a storefront two story building located at 9324 Eastex
Freeway Service Road, Houston, TX 77093 (known as the upper room), the church was organized
with eighteen (18) chartered members. The first church service was held on July 9, 1995.  The Lord
truly blessed and added to the church at that location.

As the Lord continued to bless the church, we were blessed to purchase property at 2108 Gault Road  
in October 1998, which was at that time a five (5) bedroom house setting on one and one half (1 ½)
acres of land. After renovation and beatifying this became the result of a beautiful edifice. We moved
in March 1999, and purchased our furniture December 1999.

The Lord continued to bless at 2108 Gault Road, souls were saved and delivered. Healing continued
to flow, needs were met and the congregation increased.  In 2010 the need for more space was at
hand, which was a welcomed problem. However in the pursuit of increasing space by building at
that site, we were opposed by many obstacles. With each obstacle there was an opened door.(The
Lord still proving Himself faithful)

In February 2013 the property at 2233 Aldine Mail Route Rd (our present location) became
available. So the pursuit for that property began and again obstacles came. Once more The Lord
proved Himself faithful and in January 2014 we closed on church campus of 3.15 acres with
recreation building, class rooms much more.

We truly thank God for all He has done, because this is the Lord’s doing and it’s marvelous in our
eyes. To God be the glory for the things he has done.
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